Electronic Music Creation Service

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We are the electronic music producers are ready do help you in music creating jobs.
we offer you a well done mix of a song with royalty free song. So you may get your music done under your name. We offer you arranging, mixing, balancing, mastering etc. as well as professional musician do.
many examples of electronic music used by artist such as:
Britney Spears
Armn Van Buuren
Paul Van Dyk
David Guetta
50 Cent
Snoop Dog

we're approve making almost any electronic genres such as Trance, Pop, Hip-Hop, House, Electro, Jungle, Breaks, Industrial, Hardstyle, Psy-Trance, Etc.

And if you're a singer but you don't know how to create some beats and melodies, you may contact us to make you a music for your vocal.
We'll do the arrangement according to your ideas, taste and suggestions, or it possibly collaborate with us.

Our crews are definitely professional, and if you doubt for quality, you may check our work at:

About the pricing, you can consult with us. so music price is depending on the complexity of the song and the cost of recording sessions.

If you've deal with us you may need to read this.
we have commited to  some provisions

Your Rights:
- the songs are sold  in the name of the consumer.
- publish the songs
- get the master tracks (in lossless WAV format or Audio CD)
- monitor and review the process of making by e-mail or direct to the studio
Our Obligations:
- Musn't redistribute the songs without permissions
- Keep the master arrangements in our database
- Musn't resell the sold songs

and other provisions may be updated over time.

For Contact:
+6285664548919 (egha) 
+6281908168268 (ijash)



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